WNYLRC’s Office Shows Itself Off

August 27th, 2014

We streamlined and we packed.  Then we packed some more and then still more.  Then we unpacked and arranged and re-hung and cleaned away construction dust and then we were ready!!  So last Thursday, August 21st, WNYLRC flung open our doors to introduce our members and friends to our new space and for three hours they came, they ate and they were–according to comments–impressed and eager to avail themselves of our new training facilities and flexible space for workshops and meetings and gatherings in our future.  As you can see, our Open House accomplished our intent of announcing–”we’re here and we’re ready”!

Training Center

Training Center

Janelle--Tour Guide


photo 2 (3)


photo 1 (3)

It was a wonderful welcome to a new address and to new possibilities but if you could not make it to visit that day, we’d love to give you a tour at 4950 Genesee St., Suite 170.  We’re very pleased with the results of everyone’s hard work and we’re looking forward to hosting classes and workshops in this inviting space.


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Hachette vs Amazon–Yet Again

August 25th, 2014

There is rarely a side that is all right in a dispute and the on-going one between the Hachette Book Group and Amazon is no exception.  There is also no lack of opinion on the subject.  Amazon has launched a campaign to get readers to write to Hachette to express their disdain of the group’s war waged against Amazon.  We have discussed many things to do with ebooks here not the least of which has been this dance between the two large companies.  If anyone is winning, it doesn’t seem to be the consumer.

Amazon, apparently thinking its customers need help in compiling a decent argument has put together “talking points” which include quotes from George Orwell, quotes they have mishandled and bent, curiously for their own needs.  Read.

The authors, as we know, are obviously in on the kerfuffle.   As the most affected by any outcome, why wouldn’t we think they’d put pen to paper, so to speak. Authors Nina Laden and Frank Schaeffer offer diametrically opposed viewpoints on this stalemate.  Laden believes that she is being squeezed between the two powers and Schaeffer feels all the angst by major authors against Amazon has little to do with the morality of keeping books out of readers’ hands and more to do with their own individual profits a piece of which he will not see as a “mid-range” author.  Choose your side.

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Central Library Part of Accessible Art Project

August 19th, 2014

Kudos to Buffalo & Erie County Public Library’s Central Library for being the first locale in a collaborative effort between Erie County and the Albright Knox Art Gallery.  The library’s north wall, which is a waiting canvas, is the site for the project to bring art to the public and an effort by Aaron Ott, the gallery’s public art curator.  The mural, made of green and blue painter’s tape, will only be up for 8 days depicts “the joy of discovery and the quest for knowledge.  Read more in the Buffalo News.

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The Friday Funny

August 15th, 2014

One of our astute librarian colleagues (and one who is exceedingly “fit” for the job) has pointed out an article for your Friday funny bone.

Look around and make sure your staff is meeting the bill as stated in this Paris Review taking a page from The Library Assistant’s Manual of 1913:

“Qualities that unfit one for library work in general are physical weakness, deformity, poor memory, a discontented disposition, egotism, a lack of system in one’s method of work, and inability or unwillingness to take responsibilities, a tendency to theorize, criticize, or gossip, inability to mind one’s own business, fussiness, and long-windedness.”

We’re exceedingly pleased that all staff we come in contact with in our region would have been hired in a flash–be it 1913 or 2014.


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Another Hint on the Way to WNYLRC’s Annual Meeting

August 11th, 2014

Let’s just say “Flight of Five” is going to mean more to you at the end of the evening of October 8, 2014 than merely a “flight” for wine tasting.  Read.

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