Public Library Construction Funds Will Aid WNY Libraries

August 24th, 2015

Money allocated in the state budget for public library construction will come as a welcome relief for many area libraries.  A new roof might not sound exciting but to the Lake Shore Library it will mean not having to take from materials to keep the building dry.  As any homeowner can tell you:  upkeep is the name of the game and it’s pay it now or pay it later.  Capital expenditures are and should be a fact of life and, as the whole country is learning, if you ignore these responsibilities, the infrastructure will eventually bring you down.  Listen.

Re-Building is a Way of Life in Some Places

August 21st, 2015

Talk about disaster preparedness.  Well, you can take precautions for flood and infestation but war and arson fire and total political upheaval is quite another story.  The story of the Jaffna Public Library in Sri Lanka makes storm damage, even total obliteration in that storm, look like a mere inconvenience.  First, the majority of the library was turned to ashes in a “mysterious” fire and, because the population values its library, was totally rebuilt.  Then, however, civil war–and many, many years of it–destroyed it a second time primarily because the rebels took it as their fort.  With war thankfully behind them, Sri Lankans now have a thing of beauty to call their center of learning.  The gleaming structure is so revered that there appears to be little need for “Save Our Libraries” campaigns.  It is a given in that country that a library is a sacred place.  Read.  And, by the way, let’s not forget a little thing like the tsunami– Jaffna is not the only library in Sri Lanka to be built and used.

Can You Help a Famous Suit?

August 14th, 2015

We take for granted so many things.  For instance, that there is someone “out there” who is preserving all the monumental moments in our country’s history.  Well, actually, there isn’t and if there is, that “someone” is begging for funds.  Hence the need for crowdfunding to preserve and digitize Neil Armstrong’s spacesuit worn during the first spacewalk.  Called “Reboot the Suit”, the Smithsonian is looking for a half million dollars to bring this icon out of storage.  2019 is the 50th anniversary of the walk and the hopes are high that the fragile item will be fully preserved by then.  At least it’s not going to auction.  Read.

CHIA Participates in Family Health Fair by Olivia Helfer, HLSP Circuit Librarian

August 12th, 2015

During the weekend of August 1st-2nd, over 90 organizations from across Western New York came together at Senator Ranzenhofer’s Family Health Fair.  From cholesterol and blood pressure checks to fitness and nutrition tips, the Family Health Fair offered a wide variety of health-focused information for all attendees.  Among the organizations providing services at the event was WNYLRC’s Committee for Health Information Access (CHIA).  CHIA volunteers regularly attend local health and wellness fairs to share expertise about how to find reliable healthcare information.  This year was CHIA’s second opportunity to attend the Family Health Fair, and similar to last year, the event was a great success.  Over 170 visitors stopped by the table, talked with the volunteers, and left with information about high-quality resources such as MedlinePlus and NIH Senior Health.  With the positive outcome of this outreach event, CHIA is excited and ready for future events.










Hoag Library Donation Recipient

August 12th, 2015

Congratulations to Hoag Library of WNYLRC member Nioga Library System which is the recipient of a $100,000 donation from Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Hoag.  The Hoags, who are frequent visitors to this Albion library, initially won naming rights for the former Swan Library as the new building was unveiled in 2012.  Read.