“Professional” In the Eye of Beholder

By now, most of you have probably at least heard of Ryan Deschamps and his blogpost on The Other Librarian entitled "Ten Reasons Why 'Professional Librarian' Is An Oxymoron".   I would venture that it is a safe bet that most readers would take umbrage–and, by the way, many commenters did–with his notions.  Some were, you would have to admit, pretty amusing such as #2 There are No Consequences For Failing to Adhere to Ethical Practices because, that is a fact and #8 Accredited Library Schools Do Not Adequately Prepare Students for Library Work because this can also be substantiated but is, by no means a shortcoming limited to librarian training.

You may not, however, have read his refutation of the devil's advocate 10-point stance he took.  Take a moment now to have your faith restored in your profession by reading this LJ.com article of May 25, 2010.  Note well his words because some of those original 10 points are not so far-fetched in the minds of the general public and his defenses might well serve you.


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