DHP Advisory Committee Asks For Suggestions

The 2009 competition theme for National History Day is "The Individual in History" which means that students will be looking for individuals who have been the force behind history, whether inspiring or catastrophic. The "individual" can be a famous, infamous or ordinary person – from Millard Fillmore to a pioneer woman on the Erie Canal, from Jermain Lougen to Lois Gibbs, from Mary Jemison to Dorothy Thompson, there are multitudes of famous individuals in Western New York history who could be a topic for a student research project. for this competition.

The DHP Advisory Committee is attempting to enlist the help of community service organization that will be willing to work to help students select and develop a project. We would be greatly appreciative if YOU could help us too!  We would like to have a list of names of individuals in local history that could be included in the resource list we hope to make available to students by the end of summer.

Based on your collection’s subject strengths, we are asking local repositories to provide us with at least two names of individuals that could be the subject of this theme. They can be famous or not, listed as "WWII veteran," "Erie Canal worker," "antiwar protester" etc.

Could you please provide the following:
1) Name of individual
2) approximate date span or historical era of his/her contribution
3) Be able to provide information from your collection, or provide information on location of collections that document this individual (later)

We will put a full list online by the end of summer! Many thanks in advance for your help!

Heidi Bamford
DHP Regional Archivist

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