Tools for Facility Assessment and Risk Potential

As our year-long focus on disaster planning and response/recovery continues, the DHP Regional Archivist Heidi Bamford has provided a set of worksheets that you can use to asses your institution's facilities. There are three pages in the set. The first is a brief set of questions that addresses the general conditions of a facility where historical, archival and/or library materials are kept, including a link to an article about assessing risks from the Northeast Document Conservation Center. The second page of the file is a chart with a good-better-best schema that addresses the issues raised in the first facility assessment worksheet. The good-better-best tool will help you evaluate where your facility is today and where you need to be, including moderate options if top conditions cannot be realized for whatever reason (finances, staffing, space, etc). This is a helpful way for an organization to get a big picture look at where they are in terms of what conditions exist that may pose potential threats to collections. Once potential threats and risks are identified, the third page of the file asks the institution to list how facilities may be improved.

To access the worksheets, visit the Disaster Preparedness page on our web site and click on the link for Facility Assessment Tools.

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