Getting To Know You Held at Buff State

If you are wondering what happens to many of the historical archives items which need a new home, those of us who attended the recent Getting To Know You at Buffalo State College are now "in the know".

Archivist Dan DiLandro went over his allotted time with the audience of library assistants who were completely captivated by his presentation.  The workshop was supposed to be about the Tom Fontana and Dianne English collections, both distinguished Buffalo State College alumni.  There were scripts, photos and awards from these alum that were quite remarkable.  However, the shining gem of the afternoon was when he brought out materials from the recently acquired Studio Arena Collection.  We were able to gingerly peek at a record book with contracts, show bills and accountants’ ledgers from the beginning of the Buffalo theater era.  We found out W.C. Fields was paid two hundred dollars for one of his shows which was a pretty penny back then.  Photos, play bills and signatures were all there for us to peruse.  Conversations ensued of Buffalo memories which some of us not-so-youngsters shared.  It was a real treat and Dan was a dynamic presenter.

Buffalo State College actually holds many archival items from the theater as well as the television era and that generated discussions with many great ideas of where and when to display this these gems.  You know the workshop was good when the attendees have to be dragged away for part two of the tour–wine tasting at Campus House.  This is one of five remaining original buildings at Buffalo State College and was past home to some of the early college presidents.

Josh Blumberg, Campus House General Manager and Krista Constantino, led us up to the Board Room where there was a slide show and individual plates of fruit and cheese to sample with these wines.  This was not an ordinary wine tasting; this was an Old World wine tasting where the wine is made to complement a certain area’s particular type of food.  Each was explained and shared and Josh also captivated this audience with his vast knowledge of wines and their regions.

We tasted more reds than whites but each one’s complexity changed when it was sampled with a dry cheese or a berry.  They were all very good and I am sure each one of us came home with a new favorite to impress our friends with.  Josh’s slide collection showed the areas where the wines came from and offered tidbits of information about them all.  Krista, not to be outdone, had platters piled high with cheese, fruits and cornucopia stuffed with meat and cheeses that complemented the wines as well.  Campus House was a warm and welcoming place to wind up our meeting.

After the basket raffle was held, many remarked as to when the next one would be and we’re hoping for another wine tasting–this time New World wines!  

All in all, a good time was had at this very unique Getting To Know You.  Hope to see you at the next one!

Susan Jaworski–Buffalo State College


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