Local Libraries Connecting with Patrons Through Pinterest

One of the latest social media tools to become popular is Pinterest. The website describes itself as an “online pinboard”  and encourages you to “organize and share the things you love.”  Any time you see a picture on the web that interests you, you can pin it to one of your boards in any of several topics – home décor, recipes, beauty, entertainment, etc. Or if you want to pin one of your own photos, they are easy to upload to the site. You can follow other people’s pins, and they can follow yours – or you can just see all the latest pins in a certain category. It certainly sounds frivolous, but can be a useful tool. When I was planning to move into my now-current house, I enjoyed using it for decorating suggestions. A friend of mine with kids uses it for craft ideas.

And even libraries are getting into the act. Of course, there are so many social media sites out there, that no library can be expected to use all of them at the same time. But if you think Pinterest would be useful to your library, and that it might interest your patrons, it’s worth considering.

The Buffalo & Erie County Public Library’s Pinterest page uses a variety of boards to promote library services. The “New Movies” board posts images from DVDs that are newly-added to the collection, and the “How do I” board shows the library’s helpful YouTube tutorials, just to name two.
The North Tonawanda Public Library Children’s department uses Pinterest to make the library fun for kids. There are boards showing the covers of recommended books in various categories, as well as one for photos of library events.

Not a library, but the Western New York Book Arts Center also has a page, where you can see WNYBAC prints and examples of book art.

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