News of Library Survival–WNYLRC’s CE Conference–Spreads

Jaclyn McKewan, our Emerging Technologies Librarian, has been posting information on WNYLRC's upcoming CE Conference, Library Survival, being held April 26, 2013 at Salvatore's Italian Gardens and inviting us all to attend but news of this promising event has even caught the eye of the State Librarian!!  In his timely update this week, Bernie Margolis had this to say about our event:

"MORE EDUCATION: SO MANY GREAT OFFERINGS, SO LITTLE TIME: We are of course all educators. At a minimum we educate ourselves though most of us are part of the village that helps to educate everyone. I find it rewarding to see across my e-mail so many amazing continuing education opportunities. I hope that you are taking advantage of these education opportunities and that your Board members and staff members are encouraged to take advantage of these opportunities as well.  A notice from our colleagues at the Western New York Library Resources Council (WNYLRC) grabbed my attention with a conference simply called "Library Survival." Included in this day-long offering are four intriguing presentations:

  • Throw Out the Maps and Get Out the Compass: Leading Libraries Forward in Uncertain Times, Presenter: Rebekkah Smith-Aldrich
  • Pizza Plant Italian Pubs: Restaurant as Community Center, Presenter: Bob Syracuse
  • Bhupesh Shah, Ethnicomm, on Social media
  • Joseph Janes, University of Washington, on current and emerging technology

Give me reports please on the pizza! And…learn a lot."

Now, that's certainly incentive for our members to attend as well as anyone within reading of his convincing update. Register now for our conference and make sure you read the State Librarian's complete update here.

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