“Fashionable” Villa Maria College Library Serves All

 The Villa Maria College library is becoming one of the premier environments on campus.  It is spacious, student-centered and user-friendly.  As we transition from a two-year to a four-year college, the library has expanded its periodical collection to support the new programs, such as Fashion Design. Fashionistas are welcome to stop in and browse through the four editions of Vogue magazine: American, British, French and Italian!

 A few years ago, the library received new computers (with media
capability) and scanners for the Computer Information Center. This generated new interest in the library and increased library usage from students, staff and faculty.      Between classes, students are using the Computer Information Center for recreational purposes such as watching movies, listening to music and retrieving emails.
The library is the host environment for other program initiatives such as poetry and
author readings, Interior Design critiques, open house presentations, class exercises, demonstrations and other gatherings or meetings. Recently, the library was used for new student registration.  
The library has an ongoing book sale.  It is a way to earn extra money for
collection development and replenish library materials/supplies when necessary. Donations for the book sale derive from weeded library materials and items brought in by the college community. It has been a very worthwhile and profitable venture, as well as popular among the Villa Maria population and the outside community. We recently donated several boxes of print and non-print materials to Baker Victory Services book sale. The proceeds will be used to assist families in need.

The library staff started a "free table" several years ago. It is a way to recycle
discarded items. These items may be magazines, stationary, totes, jewelry,
religious paraphernalia, t-shirts, caps, notebooks, folders, pens/pencils, knick knacks,
unused health and beauty aids, etc.  The "free table" is open to everyone. Items are supplied by anyone willing to donate.


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