Put a Feather in Their Cap

Right now you are sitting among the award-worthy.  You are either working with them, working in an environment of thoughtful design, benefiting from the work of others or doing your own day-to-day conjuring which, when thought-meets-form, will end in a positive effect.  The WNYLRC Awards Committee has covered all those bases in designing an award to honor all those facets of the library world:

  • Excellence in Library Service
  • Outstanding Library or Library Program Award
  • Outstanding Library Advocate Award

This year’s theme–Put a Feather in Their Cap–is just that:  simply recognize those in this past year’s efforts to weather a financially ravaged landscape, to look to the future in spite of that or to never waver in the faith that information and its dissemination is the backbone of our society.

We’ve made it quite simple–go to our website and click on the Awards form and submit your choice for any or all of the above award options.  If you have any questions on the direction to take or who/what may qualify, feel free to contact us.  Our goal is not only to highlight the wonderful work these individuals and institutions do unheralded every day but to highlight the fact that this profession performs at the highest level without regard to sometimes daunting circumstances.

Remember, the deadline is June 20th.

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