June 20th Will Be Here in a Flash

“Time keeps on slippin, slippin, slippin into the future” said Steve Miller.  Well, that’s no real revelation and it’s why WNYLRC’s 2014 Awards Committee thought we’d be extra generous and give you plenty of it–time that is–to narrow down your many choices of award nominees and gather your corroborating, supporting documentation and fill out our simple Survey Monkey nomination form and be the first in line to say “I’ve completed my extra credit assignment”.  Your unsuspecting nominee does not know how much you respect that person or the work he/she does or the programs that have evolved from that work unless you put fingers to keyboard and show them how you care!

Just listen to Kathleen DeLaney speaking of the impact that a program award received several years ago:

“Sometimes we forget how truly impactful our work can be. Sometimes the things we take for granted in our work make a world of difference in someone else’s life. We hear this over and over about our Reading Club for developmentally challenged students in People Inc.’s YALT program at the College.  And the proof is in the students who proudly tour new program participants through the library, and who call all of us by name and  take pride in ownership of their work completed using library resources, their ability to share ideas, explore cultural differences, and transition to a work life.”

This was for the 2012 Outstanding Library or Library Program Award for Outreach Programming and Services for Non-Traditional Students in the Buffalo Community at Andrew L. Bouwhuis Library at Canisius College.

An award winning program, just one of our awards, can make a huge difference when fighting for future funding or proving worth to patrons who will, in turn, support legislation for a library’s future.

We’re down to less than two months and counting–June 20th to be exact–as our deadline for these nominations so don’t procrastinate.  Go to www.wnylrc.org and click on the award form link and feel accomplished!


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