WNYLRC’s Office Shows Itself Off

We streamlined and we packed.  Then we packed some more and then still more.  Then we unpacked and arranged and re-hung and cleaned away construction dust and then we were ready!!  So last Thursday, August 21st, WNYLRC flung open our doors to introduce our members and friends to our new space and for three hours they came, they ate and they were–according to comments–impressed and eager to avail themselves of our new training facilities and flexible space for workshops and meetings and gatherings in our future.  As you can see, our Open House accomplished our intent of announcing–“we’re here and we’re ready”!

Training Center
Training Center

Janelle--Tour Guide


photo 2 (3)


photo 1 (3)

It was a wonderful welcome to a new address and to new possibilities but if you could not make it to visit that day, we’d love to give you a tour at 4950 Genesee St., Suite 170.  We’re very pleased with the results of everyone’s hard work and we’re looking forward to hosting classes and workshops in this inviting space.


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