Simon & Schuster Re-Thinks Policy

We have posted frequently about the sometimes contentious meeting of the minds between publishers and librarians but, at the same time, we have noted that librarians are working earnestly to break down some of the barriers and to allow publishers to “see the light” through the library’s eyes. Apparently, some small success has been realized this last weeks as Simon & Schuster has backed off it’s mandatory “Buy It Now” button policy with libraries and S&S’s ebooks.  Prior to this “softening”, libraries were required to have a buy-it-now option for those ebooks.  This was fine with some institutions, and still is, primarily because they do receive a cut of the sale but for many libraries this goes against policy and is an affront to the free lending nature that forms the foundation of libraries.

Simon & Schuster’s re-thinking on the policy is being hailed as a step forward in the climb to a mutually agreeable business plan between publishers and librarians.  Read.

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