Digitization is a Global Concept

As we struggle to find funds to maintain our traditional services, we also strive to put in place initiatives which are vital to libraries’ futures and, quite obviously, digitization is the key focus of many of those attempts.  While we are mired in our own pursuits, however, we can lose sight of the bigger picture and where, as a unit, libraries will belong in the coming decades.  Whether by accident or by concerted effort, it is apparent that libraries the world over, see technology as a tool to preserve what’s in the past and make it available in a present-to-future fashion.  It seems, collectively, everyone has come to the conclusion that the time for preservation of our human culture is now or never and these global initiatives prove that there is so little difference among all of us.  The desires all appear to be the same.  There are some really wonderful projects ongoing in this Computers in Libraries list and, since it is from the year 2000, one presumes they are accomplished and available for use.  Though not timely, it is a picture of similarity.  Read.

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