Yes, Our Brains Are Changed

I have found that I’m always slightly taken aback when I see someone in an airport or other “waiting” situation have an actual book in their hands.  It’s become almost a standout to see someone not  swiping a page or charging their reading tool.  I would suspect that each of those rare sitings is what we call pleasure reading and that’s what makes it rare–there is no time for pleasure reading anymore.  I think most of us would agree that, because of technology, our work life and school life are wrapped up in reading scholarly or technical items online which leaves little yen for continuing that past our duties.

Josh Hanagarne, pegged The World’s Strongest Librarian for his strength training abilities and the overcoming of physical maladies, is a keynote guest on the “circuit” and has aptly pegged his talk “Is Technology Changing Our Brains” and I think even without chemical and scientific evidence we can all agree our love of reading has morphed into something that may not be “love” anymore.

A respondent to Josh Hanagarne’s Internet Librarian keynote speech, sums it all up nicely and I think we’d all concur.

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