Your Public Library As Your Book’s Marketer

You used to need an agent.  You used to sit and wait for rejection letters.  Now your agent is your public library and there’s not much need to accept rejection because you are a self-published author and your public library’s platform is your advertising vehicle.  Library Journal and BiblioBoard have created SELF-e as a collaborative tool to enable libraries to be the agent for local authors to “get the word out” about their ebooks and there really is not another more logical place to get your product out to your community and build momentum.  As one of the successful authors has aptly stated,” Librarians can be a powerful marketing force for emerging authors, especially if they can promote the books without fear of success. The SELF-e approach to curation combined with simultaneous user-access will encourage books to be discovered and even go viral.”

There is an opportunity for a free trial and this looks like it could be a definitive step in the “library as publisher” walk.  Read.

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