Evernote Workshop Proves Beneficial by Chana Kotzin

I have long hoped to find a tool that could bring order to my multiple interests, as well as work and life commitments and be simple to use and maintain.  In other other words I was looking for a management system that could deal with photos images, website links, written notes, articles I could mark up and voice notes –  all in one handy place that I could tag and file and access from one place!  I had experimented with Evernote before but couldn’t seem to get it to work.  Jaclyn McKewan’s course at WNYLRC has really helped renew my efforts to give this tool another chance and really stay with it, to make it work.  She was highly familiar with the tool and gave us many ideas of how to use it, resources to read and the nuts and bolts of how to actually make it work.   I am really enjoying applying lessons learned!  Thank you for offering this course.  It was just what I was looking for.

Chana Kotzin, Bureau of Jewish Education/Jewish Buffalo Archives Project

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