First of WNYLRC’s 50th Anniversary Events: Milestones of Science by Jaclyn McKewan

On November 18th, WNYLRC held the first of six events for our 50th anniversary, which will include one in each of our counties. For Erie County, we went to the Buffalo & Erie County Public Library’s Central Library to see their new exhibit. Titled Milestones of Science: Books that Shook the World! It includes 35 books of the library’s larger “Milestones of Science” collection.


We gathered on the library’s 2nd floor, where the library has created an exhibit space, as well as a “STEM Education Center” with activities for younger patrons.



WNYLRC staff and members enjoyed some refreshments provided by Fables Café as we chatted and checked out the space. Then librarian Charles Alaimo gave us a tour of the exhibit and discussed the background of the project.


The Milestones of Science Collection is comprised of 197 rare editions of seminal works in science, such as Nicolaus Copernicus’ “On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres,” and Galileo Galilei’s “Dialogue Concerning Two Chief World Systems.” The collection was originally collected and owned by the Buffalo Museum of Science but later traded to the library system in the 1990s. This exhibit only shows a fraction of this large and rich collection.

The exhibit will be running for 2 years, so if you didn’t make last week’s event, be sure to check it out. Sunday’s Buffalo News also did a nice write-up of the exhibit. And be on the lookout for updates on the rest of our 50th anniversary events running in 2016.