Penguin Random House Offers Welcome News

From contentious relationships with ebook publishers to an eventual meeting of the minds.  As happens in almost all long term “disagreements”, a middle ground simply has to be reached and this appears to be happening in the library-ebook publisher world.  After countless conversations Penguin Random House has announced that in 2016 a no-loan cap perpetual licensing model will be enacted.  This is very welcome news and resulted from the merger of Penguin and Random House.  Even better is the announcement of a $65 maximum cap per ebook.  The perpetual access to ebook titles making them, in effect, part of a library’s permanent collection is a game-changer.

Of course, as with any “peace process”, there are glitches and the lack of flexibility and the perpetual licensing pricing for books that are popular and in-demand for short periods has some libraries not quite as ecstatic as others but the wrinkles will smooth out eventually and getting the product to the people is the goal of both publisher and library.