Paper Published on Kanopy Pilot Project

WNYLRC has been on the vanguard of three pilot projects each of which had unique characteristics which made them very interesting testing ground.  The first, patron driver acquisition of print books in a consortial model proved to enrich the access for all participants but was unusual in its inclusion of a public library system with the already elsewhere-tested academic library model.  The second was a project of greater geographic reach so was actually a NY 3Rs’ initiative and focused on patron driver acquisition of ebooks.  Many lessons were learned through this pilot and strategies were developed for dealing with publishers in the early days  of this kind of model.  The third pilot was perhaps the most challenging–patron driver acquisition with video streaming vendor, Kanopy.  Eight New York academic institutions of differing sizes and needs made up the foundation.  The lessons learned from this pilot and the need to be flexible in undertaking new but soon-to-be widely accepted and requested forms of information is the basis of an explanatory paper Now Streaming:  A Consortial PDA Video Pilot Project in Collaborative Librarianship by Sheryl Knab, Tom Humphrey and Caryl Ward.  It is a fascinating read of two years’ worth of successes, realizations and the true meaning of “pilot” project.