Library of Congress Tries to Retire “illegal alien”

There’s a little-known war going on and its prime combatant is the venerable Library of Congress.  It was not a war by design or intent but it became one when the LOC decided to investigate removing the term “illegal aliens” from its subject headings as it has removed other outdated, useless and offensive terms in the past.  It suggested the use of “noncitizens” to take the place of illegal aliens.  The term illegal aliens was not intended to have any social weight but, instead, was descriptive of the literature in use in the early 1990s.  The LOC has made changes before but this time the institution finds itself embroiled in a political mash-up.  Read.  Even state governments took up the mantle and have refrained from using the terminology.  It seems the Library of Congress was a trendsetter—-until–the House got in on the act and voted to “order” the Library of Congress to retain the term “illegal alien” because it is the “legal” term and because the government can cut funding for the library, compliance is required.  Needless to say, this argument followed party lines and though the vote fell on the side of retaining the term, the tide will likely change in the future.  Read.