NY Libraries at the State Fair

For the third year in a row, New York state’s libraries had a presence at the New York State Fair. It was once again coordinated by the Central New York Library Resources Council, our sister organization in the Syracuse area. Librarians from around the state (myself included) signed up to staff shifts at the table, greeting people and inviting them to participate in our Wheel of Trivia. Kids and adults alike enjoyed answering questions in a range of topics, including history, fiction and science.


We also had a balloon display set up, showing Curious George in a tree, celebrating the character’s 75th birthday. The display was created by Jeff the Magic Man. It definitely caught attention and many people stopped to take a photo of it.


To promote our digital collection sites New York Heritage and New York State Historic Newspapers, we had a Chromebook set up as a kiosk, allowing users to browse the two sites or search for their local library.


It was great talking to people from around the state and hearing how libraries are still a part of their lives. Many commented on the fact that they take their children regularly for story hour, or commented on how the library has been useful to them by providing computer use and internet access. We hope that by conducting outreach like this, libraries will remain in people’s minds as a place to go not just for books, but a multitude of services!