New WNY Papers Digitized, including one still in Production

Several Western New York newspapers have recently been added to New York State Historic Newspapers, including one with a long (and continuing) history. This website is a project from WNYLRC and the other 8 library councils that make up the Empire State Library Network.

Newly added:
The Journal and The Daily Journal, early 20th-century papers from Lackawanna, courtesy of the Lackawanna Public Library.

More issues added:
The Medina Daily Journal and Medina Register and The Medina Tribune, from the Lee-Whedon Memorial Library (Nioga Library System).
The Island Dispatch, from the Grand Island Memorial Library.




The Island Dispatch is now almost 100% digitized. This paper is still in production, and available online issues start with its beginning in 1944 and continue through 2014.

The paper was founded by Oliver “Ollie” Howard and its first issue was released on March 3, 1944. He wrote the “Hello Grand Island!” editorial you see in the image above. He appeared to be something of a renaissance man, hosting a radio show about fishing on WGR, writing a column about television, and hosting a TV show about the outdoors.

The paper has changed hands a few times since then. 2014 marked the 70th anniversary of the paper, and you can see just how much this paper means to the residents of Grand Island. I found not one, not two, but three proclamations read by different levels of government to mark the occasion: The Grand Island Town Board, The Erie County Legislature, and The New York State Senate.

Digitization of The Island Dispatch began in 2010 when Lynn Konovitz, then Director of the Grand Island Memorial Library, received an RBDB grant from WNYLRC to have some of their microfilm scanned. This latest set of uploads brings the project to completion. You can check out the results, as well as hundreds of other papers, at the NYS Historic Newspapers website.