Our New A/V Setup

At WNYLRC, we’ve upgraded the technology in our Board Room and Training Center, allowing for easier presenting, screen sharing, and meeting remotely. If you want a video tour, take a look at our latest YouTube video in which I give brief demonstrations of the equipment (and featuring a cameo from my dog, Ash). Or scroll down past the video for some photos.

In the board room, we have a monitor rather than a projector, so people sitting near the wall won’t have light shining in their eyes. And that’s a webcam above the monitor, so we can use Skype or other software for meetings where some people can’t attend in person.



And that’s a wireless keyboard and mouse near the bottom of the picture. Now you can control the presenter computer from anywhere in the room, rather than having to sit apart from the rest of the group.

A new keypad on the wall lets us use various ways to present. Someone can bring in their own laptop and connect via HDMI, VGA, or wirelessly with a USB device.



In the training center, we have a brand new projector with twice the brightness of the old one. Plus it’s a short-throw, meaning it’s a bit closer to the screen, so there is less space where the presenter will have the light in their eyes.


And again, there’s a keypad on the wall that lets us use various methods to connect to a laptop or other device. For that “wireless” option, we use a device called a Barco Clickshare.


This connects to a laptop through a USB port, and transmits what’s on the screen wirelessly to the projector. Up to four people can use them at once, making it easy to alternate between multiple presenters. You can see a brief demonstration in our video above, or check out this one-minute video from Barco to get the idea.

We can’t wait to start using this equipment at upcoming workshops and meetings. Make sure to check out our workshop schedule so you can come and see it in person.