How Olean Library uses the Library Box

You’ve probably heard of Library Box, the  device that allows you to share content (documents, software files, images) wirelessly, but without needing to connect to wifi. Carol Kowalik-Happy at the Olean Library let us know how her library is using it to distribute tax forms and other documents to patrons:

Olean Library Box

It resides behind the Reference Desk.  The sign is at various intervals throughout the library.  I trained all staff (librarians and support staff) at our meeting in January before I put it out (just in case they ran in to people with questions.)  Biggest thing at first was patrons thinking it was another regular Wifi connection.  The most popular download to date is a picture of two crocheted Doctors from Doctor Who.

Olean library box 3


Remember that you can also try out a Library Box, as part of WNYLRC’s Device Lending program. This is great for trying out something before you buy it, or filling a need if you just want to use something for a one-time project.