More Enclosures! Workshop

Last week, the WNYLRC Preservation Committee hosted a workshop on making your own archival enclosures. The session was held at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo, with Gabrielle Carlo from AK and Danielle Glynn from Roswell Park as the co-facilitators. Gabrielle and Danielle showed participants how to construct various types of enclosures using basic archival stock paper and some simple tools. After a demo, participants made their own four-fold and “peek-a-boo” enclosures, and saw the facilitators also make a separated enclosure for multiple objects. Gabrielle and Danielle went over some key archival terms related to preservation enclosures and offered some advice on specific storage questions posed by participants. This was a great hands-on session and everyone got to take away their own tools and some stock paper!

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