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A recent collaboration between Google Arts & Culture, Albright-Knox Art Gallery, and over 30 institutions from seven different countries has brought to life the works of artist and revolutionary Frida Kahlo. The accessible online exhibition, “Faces Of Frida”, features over 800 works of art and includes sketches, drawings, and letters by Kahlo. You can read and view these works for free, take a guided tour of her famed home in Mexico City, La Casa Azul, and even explore the cultural significance of her clothing.

As part of the online exhibition, you can view and read about “Self-Portrait With Monkey” which was painted by Kahlo in 1938 and bequeathed to Albright-Knox in 1966. Staff at Albright-Knox Art Gallery worked with GA&C to create the in-painting contextual story, which was researched and written by Holly E. Hughes, Godin-Spaulding Curator and Curator for the Collection at the Albright-Knox, and Emily Mangione, Albright-Knox Art Gallery Assistant Editor.

Albright-Knox Art Gallery was approached by Google Arts & Culture in June 2017 to collaborate on a special project commemorating Frida Kahlo. They were also asked by GA&C to share artwork from their collection, including portraits, so they could be part of the “search with your selfie” feature on Google Arts & Culture (the app allows you to upload your selfie in order to match you with a portrait and find your “fine arts doppelgänger”). Holly E. Hughes, along with other staff members, selected 77 works of art from Albright-Knox’s collection to be included in Google Arts & Culture. They created high resolution images of these works and researched, wrote, and translated contextual information for each artwork that was then shared with Google. Each artwork was translated into at least 3 different languages (English/Spanish/French) and additional translations were included depending on the nationality of the artist.

Additional artwork will be added by the end of 2018, thus bringing to people all over the world art from the wonderful collection of Albright-Knox Art Gallery, which includes works by Jackson Pollack, Vincent van Gogh, Mark Rothko, and of course, Frida Kahlo.

Take a look at this great project, and many thanks to Kelly Carpenter, Digital Assets Manager, for sharing information about this project with us!

Google Arts & Culture: Faces Of Frida

Albright-Knox Art Gallery on Google Arts & Culture

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