Hello from the WNYLRC Archival Services Coordinator

I am Jessica Johnson, the Archival Services Coordinator. I am excited to be involved in this pilot program developed by WNYLRC, which has been created to serve an immediate need within the membership for hands-on archival services. The aim of this program is to provide a service to members that will ultimately allow for greater access to archival collections. A brief form on the Archival and Preservation Services page (https://www.wnylrc.org/preservation-initiatives/) is required to participate in the program and will allow us to process all requests in a timely and efficient manner. For ideas of how this program could be useful to you, consider:

• A site visit with myself and the Outreach and Digital Services Coordinator, Heidi Ziemer, to talk with you about the archival needs in your organization and recommend a course of action.

• Assistance in training staff or interns how to use the EADitor to create online EAD finding aids, which are hosted for free to WNYLRC members through the Empire State Library Network. https://www.empireadc.org/

• Assistance in undertaking digitization projects which can be hosted for free on the New York Heritage site or the New York State Historic Newspapers site.

• Assistance in creating online exhibits hosted by New York Heritage Site.

• Assessing and recommending collections for grant funding.

• Help in developing and supervising rehousing projects for archival materials.

As the pilot program grows, we will continue to refine the list and hope to add to the services provided.

A bit about me: I have over 20 years of experience working with a variety of collections and I am passionate about their care and access. In my work, I am continually learning that collections provide invaluable tools for problem solving for people from all walks of life and professions, from intellectual and scientific discovery to connecting with people with their families and communities and for a range of vital uses in between.

In developing guides to collections and creating exhibits, I find tremendous value in the variety of ways people access information and the importance of presentation which can be key for connecting audiences to the material and information they are seeking.

I hope I can use my experience and skills to assist you in providing greater access to your collection and highlight the work that you do. Feel free to contact me at: jjohnson@wnylrc.org or phone 716.633.0705 ext. 122 or Heidi Ziemer at: hziemer@wnylrc.org or 716.633.0705 ext 114, if you have further questions.

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